About Us

Experience You Can Count On

We have over a decade of experience helping students and professionals from all walks of life to make their best impression on the page. Whether you're writing a personal statement, editing your thesis, or applying for scholarships, we work with you to ensure your project is correct, clear, and compelling. 

Who We Help

Anyone with a high-stakes writing project. This often includes...

- College applications (undergraduate and graduate)

- Personal statements

- Thesis drafts

- Research edits

- Essays

- Course assignments

- Reports

Who We Are

  • Published writers and communications professionals
  • Experienced higher education experts

Who We Are NOT...

CHEATERS! We will not write your project for you. We take ethics and authenticity very seriously. Our approach is collaborative. This means we will work with you to articulate concepts and identify structure for you to create a rough draft. We then partner with you to edit and refine your draft into a final version that elevates your project. That's the Advantage Edit. 

How can we help?

We offer different levels of service to match the needs of your project.